July 11, 2020

Hard-coded Banners

As a Digital Designer, my accountabilities include maintaining the visual look and feel of the site by adhering to design guides, UX playbooks and accessibility best practices. The majority of my time is spent creating content to advertise weekly promotional deals as outlined by the business. Long story short, I make banners.

These banners are still hard-coded instead of created dynamically through the back end. Of course, there are existing code templates for each one, but their execution requires strict attention to detail and correct information in both English and French.

While many banners have only a short lifetime online, analytics reveal that depending on their placement and linking strategy they can generate thousands in conversion revenue. Part of being on an agile team means prioritizing these banners according to key performance indicators and tracking their performance to predict further trends.

Banners are about more than just catching the eye and telling users about deals. They build brand awareness, help users get to relevant content faster and present a personal experience.