Instant Pot Brand Collection

July 11, 2020

Instant Pot Brand Collection

The Problem:

This case study was an internal program that quickly turned into my pet project. I love Instant Pots and use mine all the time, so I genuinely loved solving this problem for the company. Customers were having problems understanding the differences between the five different model types carried by Best Buy.

The Solution:

It was obvious that this was a clear opportunity to use a comparison table. Usually, the comparison table solution is a component only offered on a brand store or page experience, but because this was an unusual case I used the existing pattern and modified it to fit a smaller space. I worked closely with a content strategist to understand what information was important for the user to compare. The product images are also scaled relative to their actual model sizes. The banner at the bottom links to a blog article to further explain the product’s benefits.

The Result:

Within days of publishing this page, there was a significant increase in conversion for all models of Instant Pots. Although the content is longer than most search collection pages, the information is highly relevant to the user and the model was later used on other brand experiences.