iRobot Brand Page

July 11, 2020

iRobot Brand Page

The Problem:

iRobot launched the i7/i7+ Roomba vacuum in September 2018. Our team worked with them to update the existing brand page’s content to educate customers on their newest product. Customers needed to understand the benefits of the i7 in comparison to existing models.

The Solution:

As a team, we used existing template components to mockup a wireframe proposal in Sketch. In addition to the main hero banner, the content was broken down into 4 sections, 3 featured stories and 1 comparison table. The first featured story introduces the product features to the customer, the second provides information on the accompanying mobile app and the third highlights the essential features of all Roombas. The comparison chart helps customers quickly visually compare the differences between each model and shop accordingly.

The Result:

A look at the data with Adobe Analytics confirms that users who visit the iRobot brand page convert (buy something on the site) at a significantly higher rate than those who don’t. The mixture of education and shoppability helps users make more informed purchase decisions. Most importantly, iRobot was pleased with the cooperative final result.