Jabra Brand Page

July 15, 2020

Jabra Brand Page

The Problem:

Jabra needed an experience to help customers understand the key features and specifications of each of their wireless audio product lines. While Jabra has long been an established talk headset manufacturer, they were excited to highlight their recently developed True Wireless earbud line.

The Solution:

We suggested a brand page package as a solution to their needs. The page is divided into 4 sections: True Wireless Earbuds, In-ear Headphones, Other Jabra products and a brand story. Each section introduces the product line then displays their features in a comparison chart. The final section gives the user information about Jabra’s history as a company or “brand story”.

The Result:

Jabra was excited about the result, remarking that they wanted to put the homepage Jabra banner on a t-shirt. The data shows that the highest clicked elements on the page are the “shop now” call to action buttons on the comparison charts. Those who visit this page convert (buy something on the site) at a much higher rate than those who don’t.