I build things for the web

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I’m a local designer/developer and recent graduate of Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp. I’m passionate about creating great design and code in all forms.

My most recent position was as a Digital Designer for BestBuy.ca. Working in an Agile e-commerce environment helped me gain a diverse set of both soft and hard skills.

When I’m not coding and learning about the latest design trends, I’m reading internet memes and painting tacky acrylic landscapes. I believe heavily in giving back, so I also volunteer to redesign sites for non-profits, especially those dedicated to helping the queer community.

Technical Skills

LanguagesJavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby
Libraries/FrameworksNodeJS, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, SASS, Rails, Ajax, Express, EJS, jQuery, Bootstrap
TestingJest, Storybook, Cypress, Rspec, Capybara, Mocha, Chai
Design SoftwarePhotoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, After Effects, Invision
Project ManagementAgile, Scrum, Kanban, Jira


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Great design starts with a great user experience strategy. Creating a seamless user experience involves looking at the data and making design decisions based on behaviour research. Users don’t always think the same way we do and that’s important.

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Users view content on any number of different screen sizes these days and great web design needs to adapt to each viewing experience. I design with mobile first in mind because content has to be scalable.

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Coding web experiences involves so much more than just following best practices. Using a number of different languages and frameworks, I bring designs to life with the highest attention to web usability and accessibility standards.


  • Banners

  • Instant Pot Brand Collection

  • iRobot Brand Page

  • Jabra Brand Page

  • KitchenAid Brand Page


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I can be contacted at mklum88@gmail.com or through the form below.