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One of Canada's largest e-commerce websites specializing in retail technology and services.

As a Digital Designer for Best Buy, I get to work with a cross-functional Agile e-commerce team to deliver amazing experiences for our customers. We look at the data to make informed decisions about solving customer-centric problems every day. 


I plan, design and build web experiences using the Adobe Creative Suite and a custom Content Management System. Throughout the entire design process, I get to collaborate with a variety of roles in the Visual Design community like UX designers, Content Strategists, and Copywriters.

Best Buy partners with a variety of major brands like Apple, Google and Samsung. It's my job to incorporate their creative on the site for launches and sales while maintaining Best Buy's own internal branding. 


The world of e-commerce of fast-paced, demanding and constantly evolving making it a great environment to grow and learn. 



Digital Designer

Start Date

June 2017

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